South Sudan update

South Sudan update

It is now estimated that in excess of 200,000 people have been displaced during the recent conflict in South Sudan. MAF has been reviewing the security situation and the needs of our partners

Update 27 January 2014

The government of South Sudan and the opposition have signed a ceasefire agreement. We pray that it will be effective and lasting across all areas of South Sudan.

Our team is now nearly back to full capacity.

13 January 2014

It is now estimated that in excess of 200,000 people have been displaced during the recent conflict.

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) recently reported that the humanitarian situation in South Sudan was dire, although the full scope of the needs is still unknown.

Despite peace talks between the government and rebel groups taking place in Addis Ababa in Ethiopia, the situation in South Sudan remains volatile with fighting continuing.

After a careful review of the security situation following our evacuation flights in December, MAF Country Director for South Sudan, Bastiaan de Waal and his wife Corina returned to Juba last Tuesday.

They have started to carry out some urgent tasks and manage the team of locally employed staff, who have all been kept safe from conflict.

Two planes have also been dispatched to Juba from Nairobi, Kenya last Thursday (9 January) to bring goods for partner agencies and our team, as well as bringing essential MAF staff including Operations Manager Mike Dupuis and pilot Ryan Unger.

The neighbourhood surrounding the MAF compound in Juba seems to have returned to normal with most shops and banks open again. However, some of our national staff have reported that certain areas in the town are still tense.

On Friday, one of our planes collected a team of mission workers from an airstrip close to Juba airport before continuing back to Nairobi.

The other aircraft will remain in Juba and be available as required by our partners or staff should a further evacuation be required.

Bastiaan attended a meeting on Friday with the Country Directors from many other NGOs in South Sudan and hopes to establish more news about the ongoing security situation and what needs exist which we may be able to serve.

  • The peace talks that are taking place bear fruit and that peace is restored in South Sudan.
  • For the safety of our team in South Sudan and for wisdom that we may quickly establish how we can serve our partners at this time.
  • Please also play for all those in South Sudan that have lost their lives, are displaced from their homes or who are living under the fear of violence at this time.

You can find more news about the latest situation in South Sudan on the BBC website.