The refugee crisis is a massively hot topic at the moment and the majority of news feeding through is pretty negative. We’re not looking to belittle the situation in any way but we’ve had some really encouraging news from South Sudan! It’s nice to hear of some good news once in while!

World Gospel Mission (WGM) is an incredible organisation that primarily exists as global operation looking to spread the good news of Jesus! Aside from evangelism, WGM also looks to help those in need through their educational, medical, support and humanitarian ministries.

We recently had the opportunity to not only work alongside WGM but to see WGM in action whilst serving refugees in Doro, South Sudan. On this occasion they were helping refugees in the camp who were suffering from eye problems such as cataracts, etc.

MAF were responsible for flying the WGM team of nurses and surgeons to Doro to man the screening clinic set up by Samaritan’s Purse and we were able to get some amazing snapshots! Take a look below, the pictures speak for themselves.