Radio installed at Biadi

Radio installed at Biadi

World Radio Day is celebrated on 13 February. Radios are a vital form of communication for remote areas, helping them feel connected to the rest of the world. In late 2019, Lukas Schadegg installed a HF radio for Biadi, Papua New Guinea.

Story and photos by Lukas Schadegg

Pastor Jinga and his family have lived in Biadi for three years, a day’s walk from Sirisiri in Milne Bay province, planting a new EBC church (Evangelical Brotherhood Church).

This area is very much controlled by animistic belief and very few Christians are found there. The main belief at Biaidi is Baháʼí, a religion that has been introduced from Persia. 

The people are even afraid to go out to the toilet when it is dark, as they belief they will die if they touch one of the fire flies, because of their 'magic' power. 

Cut off from the world

The missionary family has lived and worked independently for the first two years establishing this new church, as there was no means of communication close by and the way to the nearest town is long and expensive.

Biadi in Milne Bay Province, PNG

To live in this remote valley is not easy. It is accompanied by a lot of hardships.

The family's younger children would have to cross a river every day to go to school, which is very dangerous - especially when it rained as the current would become very strong.

Sometimes the family tried to get mobile phone signal by walking for half a day up a mountainside. However, this was largely unsuccessful.

Pastor Jinga (in the yellow shirt) pictured with his family

For the villagers to receive medical help is also another challenge. It would take one and a half days of long walks with the extra heavy loads of cargo which are part of the daily living. 

Connected at last

Lukas Schragg and his wife Mahela, originally from Switzerland, are serving with MAF Technology Services (known as CRMF in PNG), with Lukas taking on the role of Workshop Manager in Goroka.

He recalls the reaction to the HF radio installation: 'As I arrived at the village to install the high frequency (HF) radio, Pastor Jinga's wife started to cry. Finally, the much needed means of communication has arrived in their community.' 

'As we were not able to communicate with our head office for two years, we thought they forgot about us and must have thought that we died.'

Pastor Jinga

Thanks to the installation, they will be able to share their hardships and prayer points with other Christians, and get the support from the mission headquarters they have so longed for.

It also allows for emergency medical evacuations if needed, which is such a reassurance for missionaries working in such an isolated place. 

Pray for spiritual break-through

The opening of the new EBC Church in BiaidiThis radio answered Pastor Jinga's prayer. For him and his family, it gives them hope that they are not alone in their mission work in Biaidi.

They are now able to connect to the outside world and get both physical and spiritual support through radio communication.

Please pray with us for the strengthening of the new church at Biaidi and that people can be set free from the darkness that rules their lives.