Batjargal, one of the two original local partners who helped to set up MAF in Mongolia 20 years ago, is managing Wind FM, a family radio station in Mongolia.

Its strategy is to spread the broadcasting to remote parts of Mongolia. Two new countryside radio stations were opened at the Eastern provinces of Mongolia in mid-December 2018.

The licensing has been in a process for the last 24 months, and now green light was given to establish these new radio stations.

Eastern Mongolian provinces have very few churches, hence it is the least reached area for Gospel in Mongolia. First we flew the radio team to set up a new station in Choibalsan, a district center with 40,000 people.

The team encountered some challenges with antenna installation and kept working until 2:30am in the freezing winter conditions. Fortunately, our schedule was flexible to allow an extra half-day to get the installation completed, before moving to Baruun Urt, a district center with 20 000 population.

At both locations 100 Galcom solar radios were given for the stations to hand out at the locations to promote the stations.

Distance from Ulaanbaatar to Choibalsan is close to 700km. A bus ride takes 12 hours one way. MAF flight time took less than two and half hours.

We managed to complete the task of setting two new radio stations in a remote countryside in three days.

Installation team is ready at Baruun Urt to return to Ulaanbaatar with mission accomplished.

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