Office antics: a Christmas explosion

Office antics: a Christmas explosion

The moment any one in the office catches a mere whiff of Christmas, this happens...

Well, December has descended, Christmas is coming. It's often that people never get to see what happens inside the office of a big organisation come Christmas time, so we thought we'd give you a low resolution back-stage tour...

The IT squad thought it would be funny to plop a picture of the Head of Finance atop their pink tree.

A nice touch here in IT yet again! A charming fire don't you think?

The Legacy and MAF in the Community team areas adorned in festive-ware - almost as dazzling as the hanging gardens of ancient Babylon.

We thought even the walk-way to the Finance department was worth capturing to add suspense to your tour and you'll see why...

... yep, because it looks like Santa himself had a jolly old sneeze in there. 

A happy employee grins from ear to ear as his dark corner of the office begins to spring into festive glory.

A tree begins to take shape as the team in Supporter Relations also cracks on with decorating! 

The finished product! Supporter Relations are now ready to celebrate the Christmas season (if you ignore the balloon in the foreground)!

Well it's safe to say that MAF UK's office is mightily prepared to take on Christmas!