Motorcycle Medevac for Father Ejidio

Motorcycle Medevac for Father Ejidio

An MAF medevac was needed when Father Ejidio Okanyi, a Catholic Priest serving with Caritas Torit, broke his leg in a motorcycle accident.

Father Ejidio was thrown off the bike when his boda boda slipped on the road. The bike landed on his leg - resulting in a nasty break!

At Kapoeta Mission Hospital they were able to cast his leg. But the MAF plane was called in when it became clear that the priest needed further treatment.

‘It was sad to hear he had been in an accident’ said Chris Ball, the MAF pilot who flew Father Ejidio, but ‘it was great to get him on the plane and make sure he was could access the proper medical care that he needed.’

Landing safely in Juba, Father Ejidio was soon admitted to the Peace Hospital, just a couple of miles from the MAF office. An x-ray confirmed the break was bad and an operation was needed to repair the damage. The surgical team expertly reset his broken leg with a rod and pins. 

A champion for Girls Education 

As well as serving in the local church in Kapoeta Father Ejidio is ensuring that girls are able to attend school. In his community, too many young girls aren’t able to complete school due to lack of funds, family support or forced child marriage.

Simple problems such as lack of sanitary pads can prevent the girls from attending school. Father Ejidio is working tirelessly to remedy this and with funding from the UK government, he has been able to help send and keep many girls in his community schools.

Father Ejidio has flown with MAF four times already this year. ‘I often fly with MAF, I used to travel by road, but that isn’t possible anymore. Now I fly MAF’ said Father Ejidio.  

But even though he flies in and out of Kapoeta by plane, in the village he still relies on his ‘boda boda’ (motorcycle) to get around.

Prayer and pain relief  

MAF staff Donald Osso and Karyn Ball visited a few days later bearing gifts of yogurt, juice and biscuits, common gifts for someone in hospital in South Sudan.  Father Ejidio was still experiencing pain, and had been told to expect at least 2 months for recovery.  He was still in good spirits, nevertheless. His new cast and crutches had given him a bit of mobility back.

We chatted and prayed with Father Ejidio and assured that our MAF team had been praying for him during morning devotions.  Later he texted, “Thank you for your consoling word and prayers.”

Father Ejidio is looking forward to getting back to Kapoeta and when he does he says he will return on an MAF flight. But for now he will focus on recovering well, so he can return to his ministry strong.  Please pray for Father Ejidio's full and complete recovery. 

Lift up the many other church leaders we fly across South Sudan. Pray for their health, safety and ministry as they travel on dangerous roads sharing Christ with those in need.  

Every medevac makes a difference 

Father Ejidio's medevac is a flight that you have helped to make happen...

The fuel for a one-hour medevac flight in South Sudan for someone like Father Ejidio's costs £150.

But a donation of £25 could get a medevac patient ten minutes closer to the help they need. 

That's £5 for every two lifesaving minutes in the air!

Would you consider giving a gift today so that the MAF plane is on its way the next time the call comes in?  

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Story by Karyn Ball. Photos by Karyn Ball and LuAnne Cadd