It's never boring working overseas, MAF's pilots could tell you that!

However, one of things that can be really striking to the eye is a beautiful landscape or scene from above the ground and Mongolia, in particular, never ceases to stop us in our tracks with it's vast beauty.

Enjoy looking through ten of our absolute favourite images from Mongolia. We don't blame you if you think that some of these images aren't real! 

First up, here's a beautiful shot taken on the way to Altai.

 This absolute beauty was taken on the way to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia's capital.

Yup, we couldn't believe it either. This was taken somewhere in the far west of the country.

Breathtaking mountain scenery in Bulgan Sum.

Just when you thought it couldn't get any much more stunning.

Stop pinching yourself, this is real. Taken on a trip flying from Altai to Tseel Sum. 

Incredible landscape of lake Tsaagan Nuur.

It's ok to cry. What a show-stopper of a scene on the way to Tugrug.

Just wow. Another shot taken during the trip to Ulaanbaatar.

We definitely saved the best until last here. Just another capture on the trip between Altai to Tseel Sum.