Meeting Jesus in remotest Papua New Guinea

Meeting Jesus in remotest Papua New Guinea

MAF Pilot Paul Woodington displays professional dedication and personal sacrifice as he battles the jungle to bring the Jesus film to an isolated corner of Papua New Guinea. We hope it encourages you to continue fighting for the Gospel.

Paul is the only pilot flying in the remote Wewak region of northern Papua New Guinea – where there are no proper roads and people travel regularly over severe terrain.

His job is 100% physical and 100% spiritual. Paul loves flying to save lives – ‘an adventure every day’, he says – performing as many as 7 medical emergency flights in a week.

In fact, this particular week Paul had flown every hour available – rescuing one man who’d been bitten by a deadly snake, another who’d suffered a heart attack and a woman with life-threatening childbirth complications due to a retained placenta.

Many lives were spared that week thanks to his skills and your prayers and gifts.

MAF pilot Paul Woodington on a medevac flight

Soul passion

But Paul is equally passionate about rescuing souls, knowing he’s helping to build the eternal Kingdom. PNG has a unique and challenging spiritual environment, and the truth's of God's Word is desperately needed.

After that hectic week of flying, Paul joined his friend Pastor Lawrence on an outreach trip into the bush.

It was the first time the Jesus film was being shown to a new generation of villagers at remote Wulukum and nothing was going to make Paul miss it.

Papua New Guineans are traditional storytellers, and the novelty of seeing Jesus’ story played on screen has a very powerful impact on their lives.

But setting up a cinema in the jungle is no easy task!

MAF plane and pilot Paul Woodington and Pastor Lawrence in PNG

Cinema in the jungle

Wading for 45 minutes across a shallow river accompanied by an entourage of excited children, Paul and Lawrence worked hard to set up a projector, laptop and electricity generator in the dirt.

The venue was a clearing in the bush, the seating was wet ground – but hundreds flocked to watch the life-changing story.

Never before had these children seen moving images. They were captivated.

And they met Jesus!

As Pastor Lawrence explains, ‘People really want to see the truth with their eyes. With pictures, the message is so powerful.’ One man was so challenged by the film, he gave his life to the Lord and decided to go to Bible school.

MAF pilot Paul Woodington sets up Jesus film

Whatever the cost

Unhindered by fatigue, language barriers, environmental dangers or lack of electricity, Paul was determined to fulfil his calling and see the Word of God reach this farthest corner of the earth – whatever the cost.

‘Yes, I’m a little tired,’ Paul said, ‘but I love it. The easy option would have been to say no to the trip after such a busy week – but it’s perseverance that I get from my Father. He will not give up on these people, and I won’t give up either.’

There are over 800 indigenous languages in PNG, and, each year, more remote villagers receive the Gospel in their own tongue. Without our planes, missionaries like Pastor Lawrence couldn’t take the Good News outside their towns.

However, thanks to the incredible commitment of so many people – you, Paul, our partner organisations – salvation is now reaching the unreachable.

But there are more far-flung places around the world where the Gospel is not being heard, and we want to reach those, too.

And we won’t give up on that commitment either.

Thank you for your support for MAF’s work – we’re so grateful for everything you do. Without our generous MAF family, Paul and the rest of our worldwide fleet couldn’t carry a wide variety of life-saving cargo to those in desperate need… and thousands would never see the Jesus film or read a Bible.

We know from glorious experience that whenever our determination and your commitment come together, the Word of God is heard at the ends of the earth.

And people meet Jesus!

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Watching the Jesus film in PNG - MAF