Meet the pilot - Chad Tilley

Meet the pilot - Chad Tilley

Chad Tilley shares his excitement at the places and people he will see on the UK floatplane tour and describes the life-changing impact the plane will have in Bangladesh.

You will be flying the new Bangladesh floatplane on its upcoming tour of the UK. Are you excited to flying a brand new plane? 

Yes!  Bangladesh has over 8,000km of rivers with more than 1/3rd of the country underwater during the monsoon. A seaplane is an amazing tool to serve all of the medical, humanitarian, and development organisations that want to reach out into the poorest and most isolated areas of Bangladesh. The water, which normally impedes access, actually creates access because the seaplane is able to land any where in the country to help people in need.

What are the needs that you see out in the communities?

MAF helps facilitate the work of organisations who are working in sectors such as medical, education, water and sanitation, resilient farming methods all which are so important because Bangladesh is such a disaster prone country.

What will this new aircraft mean to the partners and passengers we serve?

When we announced that MAF was getting a new aircraft for Bangladesh to all our partners – a room full of 50 people began clapping, stood up and gave a standing ovation. They know how important the aircraft is as a tool to them to assist them in achieving their visions and accomplishing their strategies in reaching the isolated areas of Bangladesh.

What’s the most rewarding part of your job?

Being a catalyst for organisations to work in these isolated areas. As pilots, we are the ones who can assist and get people to where the help is needed most. Being able to bring help and hope to people who are faced daily with many challenges is very rewarding.

How is it different landing on water than landing on dry land?

It is completely different – as a seaplane you are a boat on water and have to think with a nautical perspective

Have you ever landed on a Scottish loch before? Are there any aspects of Scottish hospitality that you are looking forward to?  

No, I haven’t not, only seen images on TV and in the movies, I am really looking forward to trying all of the wonderful food and seeing the beautiful scenery, and of course meeting all the wonderful people who support MAF in Scotland.

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People can come and see the aircraft, surrounded by aviation history at Imperial War Museum Duxford – any reflections?  

I think it is a wonderful venue, I haven’t yet visited it but I've heard is is world class. It is very fitting because MAF has such a rich and long history both worldwide and in Bangladesh. 

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The plane will land on water at Calshot activities centre on the South Coast of England – why should people come and see it?

I think people will really enjoy seeing the seaplane in it's water environment. Normally we see planes on land and this will give people a opportunity to see what seaplane flying is all about! 

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