Medical outreaches in Chad

Medical outreaches in Chad

MAF has been supporting medical outreaches in Chad for over 50 years. Flights bring doctors from the capital to remote villages with no access to healthcare.

MAF flights enable Chadian and international healthcare professionals to serve the needs of communities across Chad. Watch the video to find out how MAF is helping. 

Dr. James Appel 

James is a physician who has been working in Chad for the last 14 years currently serving the people of Abeche a town in eastern Chad near the border with Sudan. 'We've opened a hospital here last year, about 20 kilometers outside of town in a health district that had no hospital before. We help rural hospitals to manage the resources they have better so they can be not as dependent on foreign aid.'

'I live 900 kilometers away in the capital city of N'Djamena, and for me to come out here, I have been driving myself which takes about 11 hours. It's a full day, I leave about eleven in the morning and try and get here about three, and that's really tiring and wearing. Fortunately, I met MAF last years, and they said one of their goals was to have more frequent shuttle flights from N'Djamena to Abeche. This last week was my first flight with them and I hope that this in the future is going to facilitate and make it easier for me to come out and continue to help in this hospital.' 

Pharmacist Claire Bedford 

Claire Bedford from the UK is a pharmacist at Guinebor II hospital in N'Djamena. The small hospital is providing stability of healthcare for 45 inpatients and around 1,000 outpatients each month. 

'I was privileged to take my first ever MAF flight up to the north of Chad and was able to go and see the pharmacy of the hospital up there and give advice to the Chadian pharmacist and also to see my colleagues and encourage them a bit. MAF is vital here in Chad supporting the work of loads of different missionaries. 

Pilot Johan Brugmans

'When you arrive with the plane at the local village with a doctor,' explains MAF pilot Johan Brugman, 'the whole village is coming to the plane because the doctor is a really important guy. "He can help us!" That's the general feeling I think.'

In a lot of villages, there's no doctor, there's really a lack of medical help or medical clinics so we fly a medical tournee every year where we just fly local Chadian doctors to different remote airstrips to bring them to the local clinics.' 

'From a MAF perspective, I think that's a really nice job we are doing, just to try to connect people finally so that they can access medical help.   

Dr. Ali Waidou

Dr Ali Waidou has led the safari flights for three years. 'When the plane lands, it is very important for these places. This is the third time now that we've done the medical safari with my team. MAF is really helping us because we have many centres that are very far away.'

'Many people come to seek care and are relieved,' Dr Ali continues. 'We bring medicine, we offer the medicine, and we conduct our medical exams. People leave truly healed from their illnesses. 

'We give thanks to MAF Chad. Our prayer is that the Lord gives us the opportunity for this work to continue.'