Medical emergency in Papua New Guinea

Medical emergency in Papua New Guinea

A 23-year-old woman is experiencing labour complications, but as she lives in a remote village in Papua New Guinea, she needed an MAF aircraft to get the urgent hospital care she needs.

If there was no MAF, there would be a sharp increase in the number of women and babies who would die.

Dr Kevin Pondikou

From our sub-base in Rumginae, MAF has a life-saving partnership with Rumginae Rural Hospital.

Our aircraft is the only ambulance available to many communities inaccessible by road in Papua New Guinea's Western Province - and often the only way doctors can reach them. 

'MAF is the only airline in PNG that goes to the remote places,' says Dr Kevin Pondikou. 'We can depend upon MAF, especially as they can change their flight routes to pick up the patients. So MAF is an essential part of Rumginae Hospital.'

In PNG, the maternal mortality rate is high 710 per 100,000. Dr Pondikou says that this figure would be considerably higher without MAF as 'these women have no other way of getting healthcare'. The life of many newborn babies are also saved as a result.

By supporting MAF, you help make this life-saving medical service available to people in remote areas.

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