Medevac Monday

Medevac Monday

MAF medevaced Father Augustine Bayo from Arua after a motorcycle accident left him with serious injuries in the far north- west of Uganda.

Day to day life in remote Uganda is hazardous, to say the least, and in the past 2 months, MAF has flown two medical evacuations for people of the cloth.

Story and photos by Jill Vine. 

A Sacred Heart Sister seriously hurt her back in a boda-boda (motorcycle) accident, and more recently a priest working in Arua had to be urgently flown to Kampala for treatment because he had broken his pelvis, femur, and hip in another motorbike accident.

On the 21st May MAF received an urgent call to urgently transport Father Augustine Bayo, aged 50, from Arua. On the way to mass at 10 am, Father Augustine made a left turn on his motorbike and collided with another passing motorbike, fracturing his arm and hip and crushing his calve bone.

St Joseph’s hospital in Arua administered medical care but Father Augustine's multiple injuries made it necessary to transfer him quickly to St Francis’ hospital in Kampala. The patient had never flown before and his first flight undoubtedly saved his life. The outcome might have been very different had he made the trip from Arua by road.

Father Augustine’s accompanying colleague said, ‘I really know that MAF is helping. We appreciated MAF’s commitment and their immediate response. We called in the evening at 5 pm and then we had confirmation at 6 pm that Augustine would be picked up at 11 am the following morning’.

MAF is honoured to be able to support the ministry of these faithful messengers of the Gospel in their day-to-day work, by assisting in times of medical emergency. 

‘I really know that MAF is helping. We appreciated MAF’s commitment and their immediate response.'