MAF Mr & Mrs

MAF Mr & Mrs

With the sound of wedding bells ringing in this air this weekend, we wanted to celebrate one of our 'happy couples' serving overseas. Meet Sam and Abby Baguma!

Sam and Abby - how did you meet? 

It’s a bit of a long story but in summary – Sam had lived, studied and worked in the UK for a while and Abby had lived and worked in west Africa…fast forward a few years and then Sam is back in Uganda and ends up living next door to Abby’s sister, while Abby is then working in London with a mission agency working alongside a very close friend of Sam’s. We heard about each other through these mutual connections, and finally met for the first time while Sam was back in the UK on one of his regular visits. 10 months later, we were married and the rest is history!

How long have you been married?

11 years in April

How did he propose? 

It’s another long story!! Road trip from Uganda to Kenya, we stop off in the middle of nowhere at an exclusive 5 star safari lodge. Sam claimed we are just stopping for a break and cup of tea! Next thing I see is people carrying all our bags out of the car! Sam had arranged a night at this lodge and, over a candlelit meal for two that evening, he started to explain how traditionally in his culture, during an introduction ceremony, the man identifies his future wife by putting a white handkerchief around her neck. At that moment Sam went down on one knee and presented me with a white handkerchief and put it around my neck!

How did you come to work for MAF? 

We had both been working for different NGOs for many years, but always had a desire to work in mission, so when an opportunity arose for Sam to take up the finance manager role in Uganda for a short period of time, we thought this would be a good opportunity for us to find out more about MAF. An 8-month finance role has turned into 6 years with MAF!

The questions - how well do you know each other...

Sam, what was the first thing you noticed/ attracted you to Abby? 

Within the first bits of conversation, it was surprising to find out how much we had in common and how much our personalities attracted us to each other.

Abby, what was it for you?

There was a real warmth between us, as if we had known each other for a long time.

Three words to describe your spouse? 

Abby - accepting, loving, encouraging
Sam - adventurous, compassionate, loving

The three words they would use to describe you? 

Sam thinks Abby would describe him as – optimistic, tenacious, thick skinned!
Abby thinks Sam would describe her as – organised, loving, sensitive

Best quality?

Sam’s is a devoted father
Abby’s is a very caring person

Favourite way to pass a Sunday afternoon? 

Sam - watching the Formula 1 Grand Prix!
Abby - timeout while baking!

Abby - what was the best present your Sam ever gave you?

We are not big present givers, but Sam lovingly bought me an expensive Bose speaker from Thailand while there for IMC a few years ago, and it turned out to be a fake and lasted all of a month!

What’s the one thing (apart from you) your spouse couldn’t live without?

Sam couldn’t live without his phone!! 
Abby couldn’t live without her one-pot cafetiere!

If you had to take one thing to a desert island, what would it be? 

Sam would take a good detective novel
Abby would take her children!

What would he/she grab first in a fire? 

Sam would grab the children, his phone, his wallet, his IDs!
Abby would grab the children, a blanket, snacks, drinking water, a few teddies!!!

Where in the world do you most want to travel together? 

Abby - Australia
Sam - Australia!

Most embarrassing moment? 

We can’t think of anything, so we clearly avoid embarrassing situations or blank them out of our minds very fast! 

Proudest moment? 

Abby - walking down the aisle to marry Sam!

Sam - when I held our eldest daughter in my arms for the first time, which happened to be the first time ever for him to hold any small baby not sitting by themselves! 


Sam would want superhuman endurance!
Abby would want super speed!

Who would fetch more in an auction? 


What's the story he always tells at dinner parties?   

A few years ago Sam watched ‘Human Planet’ and ever since, he has retold the story many times of 3 brave Maasai warriors carrying just spears, who walked towards a pack of 15 lions eating a kill, and managed to frighten them all away and steal a huge chunk of the meat off the lions. He was so amazed by the story he has re-told it many many times to so many people!!!!! If you happen to be at our house he even gets out the DVD!!!

Advice for staying happily married? 

Don’t move to Chad!!!

Mutual respect and a deep commitment to one another keeping God at the centre. We are continually learning how to be more gracious to each other, making a resolve to forgive before the day ends and acknowledging that we both receive Gods mercies each new day.

Bible verse that has been important in your marriage?

'Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love' Ephesians 4:2

'Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love'  Ephesians 4:2