Kids love planes. That’s pretty universal. Anywhere in the world, if you introduce an airplane to a group of kids, they go bonkers. Especially in places where it’s not an everyday occurrence.

There’s just something cool about a vehicle which can defy the laws of gravity. So, in order to satisfy that curiosity, loads of school kids often come to our hangar in Kajjansi for a field trip to see the airplanes.

It always amazes me how absolutely excited they are to get to see and touch a few parked airplanes. Parked…as in not moving. Engine not running. Just sitting there quietly.

In August I went up to Arua, near South Sudan, and had to spend the day waiting there while another MAF plane came down from South Sudan. I noticed several school bus loads of kids standing a respectable distance from my plane, staring. Mesmerised.

I had plenty of time on my hands and seeing their excitement, I offered to open up my plane and let them each take a turn in the pilot’s seat. You would have thought I had offered them a million bucks! Even the teachers!

A group of kids seemed equally in awe of the pilot. Trust me, there’s nothing special about this pilot and I tried to convince them of that. But they wanted pictures with me too!