Jesus speaks Antisaka

Jesus speaks Antisaka

MAF Madagascar Pilot Josh Plett reports on the partnership with Campus Crusade for Christ that is making the Jesus film ever-more accessible

We were privileged to bring home the Campus Crusade for Christ team that we had previously dropped off in a remote area, after a successful trip recording the Jesus film into yet another Malagasy dialect.

Initially MAF had dropped the team off in late November, in the remote south-eastern village of Vangaindrano. This is located at the end of the paved road along the coast and from there onwards the track turns to dirt and mud due to the high rainfall in that part of the country.

The team spent the next nine days recording the Jesus film in the Antisaka dialect, whose speakers are one of the most unreached people groups in Madagascar.

They live amongst the rainforest-covered mountains in very difficult terrain with few roads, most of which are only useable after long dry periods.

When something on this scale is completed, it is always a joy to recount all the work done by so many people.

Without the efforts of SIL/Wycliffe to initially translate the Gospel of Luke into the Antisaka tongue, this media project would never have got off the ground.

Furthermore, none of this would have occurred without the local team of translators. And without Campus Crusade for Christ who came to record the audio, this latest version of the Jesus Film would not have happened.

Be encouraged that although longwinded, through this process, the local churches now have a new tool that they can use to present the Good News of Jesus Christ to a group of people living in the remote mountains of south-eastern Madagascar.

I can assure you that the translation and recording teams were very encouraged and helped by the many days and weeks of travel that the aircraft saved them.

We at MAF look forward to further assisting these efforts to bring the Good News to the, as yet, unrecorded dialects of Madagascar.