It's not all about YOU.

It's not all about YOU.

In a hundred years’ time it’s unlikely that anyone will know your name and to be honest, no one really knows it now.

Boom. A truth that hit me square in the chest a few weeks ago.

What significance does my life really have? Will I change the world? Will I make a difference? Probably not. Not on my own, because that’s not how it’s meant to be. Does God have good works for me to do, yes. Does God know every individual hair on my head, yes.  Does God know my name, yes. But he will be the only one to know it forever. But isn’t that amazing? The God of the universe has called you by name and made you part of his people.

Carl Trueman says:

When I read the Bible it seems to me that the church is the meaning of human history; but it is the church, a corporate body, not the distinct individuals who make up her membership. All of us individuals have our gifts and our roles to play: the Lord calls us each by name and numbers the very hairs of our heads; but, we have no special destiny in ourselves as isolated units, any more than bits of our own bodies do in isolation from each other. When I act, I act as a whole person; my hand has no special role of its own. With the church, the destiny of the whole is greater than the sum of the destinies of individual Christians.

The church will outlast us all. God’s plan for the redemption of creation will come through her, will come through us. We are called to play our part, whatever that may be; in obedience and humility knowing that the glory goes to God. Be a part of what God is doing through MAF: pray, give, tell.

We are His people and together we will change the world.