Faith Child is a rapper from Croydon and MAF has had the absolute privilege of partnering with him in his musical endeavours! We interviewed him primarily for the latest issue of our e-magazine but we thought we'd also treat you all to the extended version. Enjoy!


I’ve grown up in a Christian home since I’ve been alive as my siblings grew up in the church, but not in a Christian home as such.

My mother went through domestic violence, poverty. I came at the end of the poverty streak.

Your story

My birth story’s quite interesting actually. My mother actually went to abort me at a clinic. On her way there, God spoke to her audibly.

‘Don’t abort the baby. I have a plan and purpose for when he grows up. He’ll be a man after my heart and he’ll serve Me.'

She said, ‘But Lord, I’m a single mum with four children already! How am I going to cope?’

And God said to her, ‘Have faith in Me and I’ll show Myself to be God.’ So I was a ‘faith child’, so to say.

Using your story

I like to use my story to inspire others. You might be a mistake like I was a mistake or your parents might say ‘why can’t you be more like your siblings’ or ‘you’re just like your father who left’ or ‘you’ll never amount to anything’ - all kinds of negative statements.

But the fact that you’re alive today means that God’s got a plan and a purpose for every single one of you. I came from a really poor background but, by God’s special grace, I’ve gone on to achieve great things despite set-backs.     

Walking with God

I was raised in the church so that’s all I’ve known all my life – I was even fasting at the age of 8! But I always felt like 'Man, I don’t even have a testimony' I haven’t had a story where I was walking down a road and lightning struck, never had that kind of dramatic, ‘Hollywood’ story.

Scripture says, "Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it."

I think I’m a testament of that Scripture. When I was 9, I got hit by a car travelling at 40 miles an hour. But I felt a cushion underneath me. Only my thumb was grazed! ‘That was God,’ I said to the paramedics.

Even at a young age, I could testify to the evidence of God. So I’ve had God within me from an early age, and ever since.  

Christian Hip Hop, who are you favourites?

Right now, I’m really digging KB. He’s part of the 116 Movement.

I’m a big fan of Lecrae! I got to see him live for second time at the Big Church Day Out. We got to talk as well! He’s such a great guy! I loved the way he’d thrown his set together and how he was able to share the Gospel boldly.

My ‘go-to’ on my playlist at the moment is A Star – he’s pretty cool at the moment.

Your new album

Airborne plays on the concept of taking off and flight. When you’re flying there’ll always be turbulence and the clouds can block your view.

The whole aim is to reach your destination. Relating that to life, there are so many obstacles in the way, whether friends, fear or background. The whole concept is about seeing the bigger picture in every scenario.

In my song Take off, I’m very explicit in that. In songs like Ricochet, I’m talking about bouncing back despite set-backs.

 Purchase Airborne here

Message in the music

My key thing is to inspire people to pursue their dreams regardless of their background, creed or colour or misdeeds, short-comings and failures from the past because all our gifts are there to serve a greater purpose and service is key.

I believe that Christianity is underexposed. People know the obvious things like John 3:16 but they don’t know about the wisdom in Proverbs or conflict resolution in the Bible. 

What do you love about MAF?

I have a big heart for service, whether I’m onstage or offstage. Just to be able to see happiness on someone’s face means the world to me!

With MAF being about serving and going to the most impoverished places in the world to give them aid, that’s all me. I’m all about being the hands and feet of Jesus.

It’s not just a cause; it’s a team as well. MAF has a great team with a great heart to serve. Without a team like that, the vision is put to shame.

 But the heart of MAF and the workers are really what drew me towards loving the work of MAF. 

Would you ever jump in one of our planes?

One hundred percent!

What’s your vision for the team-up between yourself and MAF?

I love to raise awareness of the great work that MAF is doing. I also want to shed light on MAF for Youth as well.

We live in a generation where a lot of young people are very dependent on their parents; they’re always about taking as opposed to giving.

The fact that you’re engaging the younger generation in how MAF is helping others less fortunate than they are, will help them to appreciate the work and their own lives.

I’d love to see MAF fly more and touch more lives and hearts too. That’s my hope for MAF.