Impacting South Sudan

Impacting South Sudan

Gord Skonik is a regular MAF traveller to and from South Sudan, and shares what he calls a 'MAF moment'

He was travelling north from Yei to Mundri, and the road was littered with huge potholes. Overturned trucks and abandoned vehicles made the road almost impassable. After 14 hours, theirs was the first vehicle to make it to Mundri in 5 days. He certainly didn't look forward to the journey home!

Trucks stuck whilst travelling a muddy road in South Sudan.

'MAF was so generous and flexible, and flew us back to Yei!' Gord smiles. 'We praised God! It was my "MAF moment".'

Gord works for Impact South Sudan, a Christian organisation that has been involved in the peace and reconciliation process following the recent unrest.

Christian volunteers spend time empowering local churches and offer pastoral training. In one 3-month period, 197 pastors received training, and over 200 churches were planted.

Much of the recent violence has been based around a long history of tribal conflict in South Sudan – mainly between the Dinka and Nuer tribes. Gord and his team have seen huge transformation through the power of God's love and forgiveness.

Gord Skapnik with Impact South Sudan.

'For a Dinka to be able to serve a Nuer and give them shelter – this is the kind of transformation that changes lives and communities – and even change a nation,' says Gord passionately.

As well as Christian training, Impact South Sudan also provides clean water in very poor areas. Teams are trained to construct filters, teach locals how to use them and turn it into a small business.

Gord has heard first-hand from South Sudanese women how these projects are radically changing the health of their children.