Hope for the hungry

Hope for the hungry

MAF's longest flight in South Sudan is also one of the most vital, bringing in life-saving supplies for displaced people in the far north of the country in partnership with Medair. In the rainy season, it's impossible to reach.

Medair manages the only clinic in Abayok, a large semi-permanent IDP camp set up for citizens returning home from Sudan.

Every morning patients fill the rows of benches under the awning, and sit on the ground in the shade of a building waiting to see a nurse, clinician, midwife, or nutritionist. Health and hunger are treated side by side in this hungry nation.

The first weeks I already saw my child changing, he was very malnourished, but now he is getting better. I appreciate that very much.
Kuei Bol

Abayok IDP Camp outside of Renk - MAF UK

Every week, MAF's pilots fly to nearby Renk to deliver medical, nutritional, and WASH supplies for Medair. The lifeline flights cuts a five-day trip in the dry season to just three hours. In the wet season, the road becomes impassible.

Medair are a beacon of hope to the vulnerable people here. Here are the stories of two of the many people Medair are helping.

Nura: severely malnourished

NuraAmong those who wait is Omjima Akon, 20, who brings her severely malnourished baby girl for treatment. Nura Lual, 15 months old, measured 'in the red' at only 8 cm on the MUAC (Middle Upper Arm Circumference) measurement when she arrived. Assessed and given Plumpy Nut, Nura has improved to 9 cm, but is still severely malnourished.

Yok: a child transformed

Another mother, Kuei Bol brought one-year-old boy Yok to the clinic 10 weeks ago when his MUAC was at 8.5 cm. Looking at him now it’s hard to imagine. He is alert with a chubby face, measuring 11.5 cm on this day, half a centimeter from green and discharge from the programme. 

Nyandeng, one of Medair’s nutritionists at the clinic measures the boy’s arm, talking gently to the mother and boy. She gives Kuei the Plumpy’Nut packets, and immediately helps to feed the baby. His appetite is excellent.

Kuei Bol, 25, brought her child to the clinic at Abayok, South Sudan - MAF UK

'What I like most about my job is when a child get’s better after being in a terrible condition,' Nyandeng reflects with satisfaction.

'The first weeks I already saw my child changing,' Kuei says. 'He was very malnourished, but now he is getting better. I appreciate that very much. If Medair would not be here it would have been so terrible. I find the people here very caring.'

Thanks to MAF's supporters, Medair are reaching people like Nura and Yok and providing transformational hope.

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