Healing safaris in Tanzania

Healing safaris in Tanzania

Monthly flights in Tanzania bring nurses to remote villages to treat patients who have often walked for hours in search of care.

Each month MAF flies to Haydom hospital to pick up a team of doctors and nurses. Over the four-day safari the team visits eight remote villages.

During the safari they examine pregnant women, vaccinate children and treat the sick and injured. Sometimes an evangelist will come to make the most of the opportunity to tell the villagers about God's love for them.

The hospital's motto is 'To His Praise and Glory' (Eph 1:14) and an important part of their ministry is witnessing to their patients through word and deed. Through the hospital and through their mobile clinics, unreached people hear the Gospel.

MAF plays an important role in enabling the Haydom mother and baby clinics to reach villages that are too remote to reach by other means of transport.

The operational capacity of the hospital is greatly enhanced and heavily relies upon short term international staff and volunteers such as surgeons, specialists and engineers from Europe. Flying these folks in and out saves effectively up to four days travel (wet or dry season) - a huge increase in productivity.

Between 1,400 and 1,800 people are treated every Haydom safari. At one village called Gorimba, the team struggles to get all the work done in one day because so many people come to the clinic (between 350-400 people).

Last year MAF flights facilitated 85 clinic hours, enabling 16,166 patients including 12,394 children and 3016 women to be seen. 14,773 vaccinations vaccination were carried out protecting children against the most common childhood diseases.