Going away: challenge, joy and relief

Going away: challenge, joy and relief

Support-raising is the first half of building the chain, or the warm-up before the race. Soon I will be at full sprint, but eventually I will cross the line where the body can rest and be refreshed.

Feeling vulnerable

Support-Raising is an immensely humbling experience. It has bursts of sheer joy and excitement, then stretches of quiet waiting, almost boredom and re-running every single plan and possible sequence of events out in your head till you wonder why you weren't a military general or tactician!

So far I feel like I've really grown in many ways, but also feel I’ve been exposed in so many others. However one thing has taken precedence. They are no longer "weaknesses" to be ashamed of.

No one's perfect. There are things I can work on, and I pray that God will give me grace to be stronger in those weaknesses and that he will give me humility when I am wrong or unloving.

Am I…

Excited? Yes, this is what I've wanted for 10 years. I’ excited for the challenge of learning to adapt to a new culture and working full time to help people living in the most remote areas, through aviation.

Nervous? Yes. When I think of "pilots" I don't really think of myself. I think of the sharp, intelligent looking Airline Pilots walking around large airports. I think of Top Gun or some of my friends who I studied with who just seem to be born for it. 

My final moments

In the last month of my time in the UK my progress was stalling between 85-95%. It seemingly took an eternity to get that 10% and then appeared to not want to budge higher.

However in my last week God showed clearly His sovereignty and control. I passed 100% support one week before I was due to leave for Australia, and on Friday, 4 days before I was to leave, my working visa came through also.

I was at my limit

I visibly remember at the start of the week thinking, “that's it, I've done all I can. I can't do anymore.” Which was completely true, but God could!

He has absolutely blown me away with the provision of being able to leave the UK with 100% financial support and a working visa. He also gave me great joy in knowing His faithfulness and kindness!

Let us look upon God and see what He commands, and then by faith cast ourselves upon Him and leave the success to God. Richard Sibbes