Go and do likewise

Go and do likewise

MAF Pilot Dave Forney follows the tragic story of a young girl in Uganda

She's only 10 – just a young girl. But she's already experienced a lifetime of indescribable suffering. And she was threatened to be killed if she told anyone her story.

The girl's mother is young, and is nursing a baby. Like many in Uganda, this family lives day-to day without the resources to deal with tragedies like this one.

Her perpetrator is still out there somewhere, having fled when the girl's teacher realised what was happening. He abandoned her for dead, like the bandits we in Luke chapter 10, who left the Jewish man powerless and alone.

Paying the cost

But Jesus speaks of a Samaritan-rescue in this story – and tells us to 'Go and do likewise'. This Ugandan family couldn't afford an ambulance trip by road – let alone an emergency flight. This girl needed a rescuer.

Action shot of a Cessna 206 as it takes off.

MAF's vision is unique and embedded with Jesus' teaching. We're not a commercial company – we're here to serve.

So after some talks with our operations team, it was decided that MAF could medevac the girl and her family, covering all the costs.

Rescued with care

When we arrived, the plane was instantly surrounded by people. The victim lay away from the crowd with her mother and baby sister. The laughter and excitement that encircled the plane was starkly contrasted by this quiet little group.

Chief Pilot Greg Vine talks with the family.

Chief Pilot Greg Vine did a great job of carefully settling the patient onto the plane and taking special care of the little family. I could feel the fears and tension evaporate as Greg prayed – not only for the flight, but for each of them by name.

The same care and concern was shown on their arrival in Kajjansi. The girl was carefully offloaded into her mother's arms and they were whisked off to hospital in a waiting vehicle.

The patients legs are seen carefully strapped down to the hospital bed.

Hands and feet

The next day, my wife Joy wanted to know how the little girl was doing, and decided to visit her in hospital. The girl's carer exclaimed, 'The family will be so thankful to know that the pilot's wife shows care and love – that will mean a lot!'

In a case like this, the physical and emotional damage to this family could last a lifetime. So Joy will do what she can in the days and weeks ahead to not only help with their physical needs, but to love this girl and her mother.

She'll pray with them and cry with them. That's being the hands and feet of Jesus to this young and hurting family. She's going and 'doing likewise'.

A mighty team

But the outcome of this story is and will continue to be a team effort.

It's thanks to so many people out there who pray and give generously towards the ministry of MAF that we were able to offer a Samaritan-rescue for this young girl.

When we explained to the hurting family how thousands of people around the world had given their money and prayers to make this medevac possible – they were more than grateful. And they wanted you to know that.

Our operations team play their part. Our engineers play their part. I play my part. Joy plays her part. And you play your part.

We are all working together as a team to 'Go and do likewise' by keeping our eyes and ears open for someone in need, both in Uganda and across the world. Let's not forget to do that today.

The rear view of a Cessna 206 as it takes off.