Getting back on your feet

Getting back on your feet

Our partner in Nepal, Mountain Child, together with MAF recently helped a man get back on his feet after severe frostbite left him unable to walk.

A few members of the MountainChild staff were trekking deep in the mountains near Manaslu Mountain when they came across an Indian beggar in a makeshift tent beside a wall of rocks. He had been exposed to the freezing temperatures that the Nepalese Himalayas are renowned for and had suffered severe frostbite to his feet.

He was trapped on the mountain without aid, because he had ventured into a region that disliked his caste. Nobody was willing to offer to help him and he was in too bad a shape to walk away himself.

They wanted to help the man, so called back to the MountainChild office who in turn contacted MAF. MAF had scheduled flights around that area so they hoped there would be a spare seat to get the man to a hospital for medical assistance as soon as possible. MAF did have space for the man and subsidised the cost of the 18-minute flight, with MountainChild covering his medical expenses and a Nepali church volunteering to shuttle his to appointments.

The man is now receiving medical treatment as we speak, both for his feet and for mental illness.

This is a great story of four organisations working together to serve ‘the least of these’ (Matthew 25:40).