Ferry's flight for life

Ferry's flight for life

A story of rescue and faith. When we received a message that a Papuan man had fallen from a tree, MAF pilot Pieter van Dijk flew to the remote community where Ferry lived to evacuate him. Story and video by Tjeerd van Dijk

Ferry was urgently in need of help and medical care. Branches had severely injured his legs during the fall.

Despite the pain, Ferry held strongly to his Christian faith. ‘My friends wanted to use magic to heal me. I refused because only Jesus gives healing,’ he said, demonstrating a deep confidence in God.

Ferry was utterly dependent on MAF to get him to a hospital. ‘All I have to help in medical situations is the airplane. Without MAF it is hard to survive,’ he emphasises, reflecting through his personal story, the hard reality that often there is little that can be done for people in communities where medical care is limited or sometimes non-existent.

By the time PK-MAF - our Quest Kodiak 100 aircraft - landed, Ferry was in a terrible condition. He was experiencing great pain and the situation was grave. The people who had come with Ferry from his village were worried.

A vehicle was waiting for the plane but the stretcher didn't fit in the ambulance. So pilot Pieter offered his own car and soon Ferry was on his way to hospital.  His companions sang the customary lamentations on the way.

At the hospital, Ferry received the medical care he urgently needed and was soon on the road to recovery.  

Pieter visited Ferry a few days after his surgery to see how he was doing and pray for him. This meant a lot to Ferry, ‘I thank the Lord for that,’ he smiles.  

Ferry knows that his life was in God’s hands but recognises the crucial role of MAF in bringing him to the hospital. ‘Only because of Jesus I reached the operating room. Because of Jesus I have been healed.’

He carries a testimony of healing and of God grace. ‘Today I will go back to my tribe. After I have arrived, I will tell my family and friends what God and MAF have done for me.’   

You can help save lives

Ferry knows he was one of the fortunate ones. The MAF plane came and he received the emergency help he so desperately needed. Can you ensure MAF brings God’s grace to those who need it worldwide?