There are no roads in Jamba, in the south east corner of Angola. It was a strategic military base during the Angolan civil war and, although no longer used as a military runway, planes are still able to land.

Many people live in this very remote area of the country, including Angolan refugees who returned from Zambia when civil war subsided.

MAF Pilot Brett Mudde in Mukwando.

Reports of people in great need of healthcare and food reached the MAF team, as well as news of discouragement in the church and crops being destroyed by elephants, which was devastating food production.

A week to an hour

MAF Pilot Brent Mudde flew to the city of Menongue to collect a group of pastors, nurses and social workers, along with supplies for the community.

The needs are so great. They are so far away and the roads are weeks away from anywhere. Healthcare is nil.

One of the pastors had been to Jamba in 2002 and had to travel via Namibia; his journey took him one week. This time, they were able to fly in a couple of hours.

Dr. Steve Collins gives out worming tablets in Mukwando.

No one knew what to expect but word had been sent to the head military (also a member of the local church) that the group would be arriving and to request transport to town from the airstrip.

Care in the wilderness

Receiving a warm welcome, the team was taken into town. The next few days were spent within the local community learning more about the needs of the people and how we could help.

The pastors were able to spend time with the local pastor and elders, answering their questions and sharing teaching. The church in Jamba is new, and there were no Bibles. Few people have a deep knowledge of the Bible.

Brent shares, 'The needs are so great. They are so far away and the roads are weeks away from anywhere. Their crops are being destroyed by elephants. The people sleep in their fields (so they can try to chase the elephants away). Healthcare is nil. Even though they have some good trained nurses, there is no medicine.'

Villagers carrying food and Bibles from the airstrip to the village in Mukwando.

Help into the future

The church would like to start a clinic and provide teaching in the surrounding areas. MAF hopes to be able to support this.

MAF Pilot Brett Mudde at the propellor of the Caravan in Lubango.

Brent asks, 'Pray for the people there and in other parts of Angola who are so far from help. Their spirits are high even though they need so much and have so little - they do trust in the Lord.'