MAF is a ‘faith-based’ organisation but that doesn’t say a whole lot about faith unless we can prove it! And how do we prove it?

Through works!

The bible says 'faith without works is dead' and that’s thought-provoking isn't it? It’s crazy how much we can take from these few words! The verse suggests that our ‘faith’ isn’t real faith unless ‘works’ come with it.

For MAF, the work we do is firstly routed in having faith in God. We love to help the poor and the isolated and that wouldn’t be such a burning desire if our faith wasn't in God.

But how can we put faith in God? If faith causes the work then what causes the faith? That’s simple. God causes the faith!  

How works works

It starts with believing that he exists - God lets us know he’s there – he’s the one who opens our eyes to see him.

From there, like the beginning of any good relationship, we get to know him – he draws our attention to the bible and we begin to find out what he’s like.

Once we know a few things about him, we can then see how loving he is. We can’t help but love him as a result of knowing his love for us. Our faith begins to grow here!

It’s from that love that we find a desire to do what he wants us to do and that’s where this works bit starts to happen!


Works are visible - we do them in front of people! It’s so people may, as Jesus says,

see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven. Matthew 5:16

Because works are visible, it means there’s hard evidence for faith! Therefore, faith always leads to works otherwise it’s not faith.

MAF’s actions are routed in a strong faith in God through our founders having gotten to know God, love him and desire the things he desires first.

Now, many thousands of people across the world are able to witness what we do and know that it’s because we have an active faith in God.

*Nudge, nudge*

Wherever you are in your walk with God, consider this. Get to know God by looking at Jesus in the bible. He’s the one who can show you exactly what God’s like!

When you do this, only then will your faith begin to grow and then the good works will soon follow!