Extra help for new mothers in Papua New Guinea

Extra help for new mothers in Papua New Guinea

Pregnant women suffering with labour difficulties are given a double token of love, thanks to a new initiative from MAF's women.

Traversing endless miles of jagged mountain ridges and thick rainforest in the highlands of Papua New Guinea, MAF's aircraft are the only lifeline to many remote villages, enabling education, income for coffee farmers and primary healthcare.

For an expectant mother experiencing labour complications in such a village, there is often no other way to access the emergency help needed to ensure that both mother and baby survive. The MAF plane can double as a flying ambulance, and that has meant the difference between life and death for hundreds of women and children.

Bundles of joy for bundles of joy!

MAF flies many such women to a hospital in the city of Mount Hagen. They are grateful for MAF's lifeline, but they often bring nothing but what they wear, because there are no shops supplying the basic needs for new mothers or babies.

That's how MAF women based in Mount Hagen came up with the idea of helping them during their stay in the city.

MAF women preparing care packs for new mums in PNG

Between them, they bought a variety of things that would be needed for expectant mothers and new-born babies.

The first of these 'Care Packs' was given to a women on 23 December 2015, who pilot Richie Axon medevaced from her home village of Sengapi.

Caring for the most vulnerable

The maternal mortality rate in Papua New Guinea is 28 times higher than in the UK, according to the World Food Programme, with 1 in 465 expectant mothers dying from pregnancy related causes in 2015.

We pray that our lifeline flight service - along with this new ministry - will be a double blessing to women who are most vulnerable: those living days away from medical help - as they bring their little bundles of joy into the world.