Creative Ways to Pray

Creative Ways to Pray

Prayer is God’s initiative. It is a gift that invites us to engage with our creator God, to spend time listening to, walking with, waiting for and talking to Him.

Creative prayer activities can help us at those times when praying feels too difficult — when we are struggling to focus, or when we simply can’t find the words.

Our prayer is that these ideas will help make praying easier for people of all ages and will assist anyone wanting to engage with God in an imaginative, alternative way.

Egg timer prayer challenge

Egg timer prayer challengeIn a group or on your own, set an egg timer for a few minutes and pick one individual for whom you can pray.

Focus on prayers of blessing over that person until the egg timer goes off. Depending on how much time you have, repeat the process for another individual.


Labyrinth prayers

Finger labyrinth designLabyrinths have only one path, which always leads to the centre — unlike mazes that are designed to get you lost — and they make a great aid for your prayer times.

For this activity, you could walk around a real hedge or grass labyrinth. Alternatively, trace your finger around the labyrinth template which you can download here.

Take time before you begin the labyrinth to be still — breathe slowly and deeply. Read and reflect on a line or two from Scripture and ponder those words in the labyrinth.

Slowly walk or trace the labyrinth path with a finger. Just let your thoughts come to the surface and flow. Remember that Jesus is with you every step of the way — you are never alone. You are always loved by God.

When you reach the centre, consider your thoughts. Stay in the centre for a while and spend some time in prayer and reflection, receiving God’s love and blessing. When you are ready, return along the same path. Return gratefully and pray the Lord’s Prayer.

Short and sweet prayers

Looking for a way to engage people who can get easily distracted while praying?

Short and sweet prayers

Short and sweet prayers might be for you! Suck a boiled sweet and pray until it has gone.

Prayer jar

Making a ‘prayer jar’ is simple craft activity, which can be done with people of all ages. Find a clean jam jar and add a nice label and decorations to make it special. Place it somewhere accessible, alongside pens and paper.

Encourage every family member to drop prayer requests into the jar throughout the week (these can be for themselves, for friends and family, or for the world). Sit down once a week and read and pray through all the notes in the jar. Make notes when God answers any of the prayers.

Rubbish bin prayers

In a small group, sit in a circle with a rubbish bin in the centre. Give each person a pen and paper.

Ask them to write down their sins on the paper, pray for forgiveness, then place the paper in the bin to show how they are now forgotten in God’s eyes and your slate is wiped clean.

Rubbish Bin Prayers

Then encourage your group to sit quietly and ponder the following verses: Ephesians 4:31-32, Colossians 3:13, Psalm 139:23-24 and Romans 5:8.