Clean water for Kenya

Clean water for Kenya

MAF recently flew Waves for Water to Kisumu to visit one of their well water projects which will help a whole village, including 140 children in an orphanage, to access clean, safe drinking water. Photos by Mark & Kelly Hewes

In March 2018, MAF Kenya flew a team from the charity Waves for Water, from Keekorok to Kisumu to visit a water project.

Waves for Water team in front of aircraft with pilot Florian Poinstingl

Waves for water is an organisation whose mission is simple: ‘get clean water to every person who needs it.’ Working in Kenya, their focus is on supplying clean water to smaller villages in dire need, as these areas lack the resources which larger urban regions have, through wells and rainwater harvesting.

The team are involved in well restoration for villages that have wells, and are introducing a well drilling program, with a new partner, for areas without a well currently.

We are very thankful, and a lot of thanks goes to the MAF team. [...] I think we look forward to partnering in the future.

Frederick Mango, Country Director for Waves for Water 

Aircraft at Kisumu

The impact of one well can be incredibly significant as Frederick Mango, Country Director for Waves for Water, explained with a recent example of a well they were working on during their visit on this occasion in Rongit, Nandi county.

The 140 children in an orphanage school had to travel far for water for themselves and the school. Now, with a well close by, not only does the orphanage benefit but the whole village of 20,000 houses can now also access the water. Frederick explains, 'once we finish everything we give them a [Sawyer] filter so that the water is purely clean.' The water is then safe to drink.

In March 2018, MAF flew a team with Waves for Water. Their work includes distribution of Sawyer water filter kits.

Flying with MAF has been a great help to Waves for Water, Frederick continues, ‘MAF has been a great partner because at times movement is an issue. Then the costs, in reference to that movement, is a fact to reckon. And that's where MAF comes in, because the prices they're giving is actually something that we can budget for and it's a price we can manage as an organisation.’ Their alternative to flying is driving along unpaved roads, which are not easy or comfortable to drive on, or walking. 'We are very thankful, and a lot of thanks goes to the MAF team. Their responses, we really like. They're fast in response, [...] I think we look forward to partnering in the future.'

We are pleased to be able to assist this organisation in flying to their water projects that will benefit thousands of people.