Cessna 182 sets off for East Africa

Cessna 182 sets off for East Africa

Our newest Cessna 182 SMA light aircraft heads south to serve East Africa

15 January 2014

Follow the long journey south!

Our new aircraft type may be small, but they're having a huge impact.

The Cessna 182 SMA is the newest aircraft type in MAF's fleet, and is already serving in Madagascar, the DRC, Angola and Chad.

Now, the latest addition 182, which toured the UK last year, is heading to Uganda, from where it will serve the isolated people in South Sudan.

Herman Sterken and Jeroen Knevel, both former MAF pilots, will be ferrying the aircraft on its long trip south.

They depart from Seppe in The Netherlands on Friday 17 January — their first port of call being Rome, Italy's capital.

Follow their blog here to stay up to date on their travels.

On average, a flight on the 182 costs 80% less than the larger 208 Caravan, also flying for MAF in South Sudan.

Because it's so light and small, the C182 has a flight range of up to 8 hours — more than any of MAF’s other Cessna aircraft. This makes it one of our most efficient fliers.