Celebrating a Bible dedication... Hupla style!

Celebrating a Bible dedication... Hupla style!

The remote village of Soba in Papua, Indonesia was full of dancing for the dedication of the long-awaited Hupla Bible.

It was a day of great celebration for the Hupla people of Indonesia! For the first time, they have the complete Bible available in their own language.

We had the privilege of flying in the newly-translated Bibles and joining with them in their joyful occasion. It's humbling to see the value they place on God's word.

Our aircraft have been serving this isolated mountain village - Soba - since 1968 and has supported the translation work from start to completion.

When the village was struck by a devastating earthquake in 1989, MAF carried out mountain rescue flights to aid the victims. This had such an impact on the community that they invited the MAF pilot at the time to join them in this Hupla Bible dedication.