Boxing Day delivery

Boxing Day delivery

Help, hope and healing arrived in thousands of remote communities in 2017 thanks to an estimated 198,000 gifts from our fantastic UK supporters!

This Boxing Day we thought you’d like to know what was in the boxes we flew to remote communities this year because of you!

A beautiful God’s dreaming banner was flown to communities in Arnhem land and used to share the Gospel in a relatable way.

In Angola resources were flown to remote communities to raise awareness of Fistula, so after childbirth fewer women will suffer the isolation that comes with the debilitating condition.  

A camera helped show the scale and location of need after devastating floods swept low lying areas of Bangladesh.

MAF also partnered with Samaritan's Purse to provide disaster response aid included tarps and water purification systems to Dominica and other Caribbean Islands following hurricanes Irma and Maria.

MAF flights carried medical supplies that will re-equip a remote hospital and a dentist who brought relief from toothache to many in Chad.  

MAF flew mattresses to a hospital and 5.5 tons of polio, yellow fever and pneumococcus vaccines. Flights to the Kasai province of Democratic Republic of Congo brought supplies for partners battling the humanitarian crisis. A few days ago we also flew a Christmas tree!

NGOs relieving need in drought stricken northern Kenya flew to and from MAF’s Marsabit base while a reopened airstrip will help support widows to make even more jewellery in 2018.

Medical supplies including sutures reached a remote hospital in Liberia in time for the delivery of triplets.  We also flew the post, some surfing tutors and election observers!

In the aftermath of Cyclone Enawo, clothes, water purification chemicals and other relief cargo were flown to communities that had lost everything in Madagascar. We also flew equipment so eye surgeons could restore sight to the blind.

Special savings boxes to help people to manage their money were loaded on board in Mongolia along with equipment and toys to aid in the diagnosis of learning difficulties in children.

Hundreds of chicks were flown to help with sustainable agriculture in Mozambique. Flights aided elephant conservation and meant doctors could hold clinics in very remotest areas.

Food reached hungry communities in Papua. Building supplies were delivered to construct schools and clinics that will benefit the whole community. 

Bags of coffee and locally grown vegetables were flown to market in Papua New Guinea while educational supplies including books, newly repaired shortwave radios and an array of Bible resources were brought in to communities.  

Boxes containing Malaria medication and other medical supplies were opened in South Sudan along with food supplements to combat malnutrition in children. Other flights brought Gospel radios and newly translated Zande Bibles that would never have reached their destination by road.

Wifi Bibles that can be download onto mobile phones were flown in Tanzania. Scales to weigh and monitor the development of babies at monthly clinics and vaccinations to protect against measles and other childhood illnesses.

Stretchers, oxygen, IV fluid and other items needed for critical care were flown in Timor-Leste, and nearly all of the 26 countries worldwide where MAF brought help to people in a crisis.

MAF flew everything needed for a wonderful Christmas to the remote Ssesse Islands in Uganda! Visitors from Kampala flown in by MAF joined Christians from 10 island churches in an all night celebration to welcome the Saviour of the world! 

There are lots of things we can’t fit in a box – but for everything that you’ve helped us fly this year  - Thank you!