Big Church Day Out: Our time in 10 pictures

Big Church Day Out: Our time in 10 pictures

We've been going to BCDO for a number of years now and we absolutely love it! Here's a few snaps from this years shenanigans!

We had a cracking time at the Big Church Day Out, here's 10 pictures showing what it looked like for us this year! 

Attendees queuing outside the MAF Youth truck

We were super busy both days. Here's a nice long queue of people outside the MAF Youth truck waiting to view our little film and have a go on the flight simulator! 

Attendees queuing inside the MAF Youth truck

We got so busy that our tiny cinema ended becoming extra queuing space for the flight simulator! 

Our flight simulator

This is what all the fuss was about. Here's the flight simulator where players would have to land the plane safely on the airstrip in the fastest time to stand a chance of winning a flight in a real plane!

MAF hats

We had a load of free hats to give away and they didn't last long! 

Matt and Sam chatting to attendees

Here's MAF Youth volunteers Matt and Sam getting people to visit the truck!

Ben and Jonny on the truck

Once roped in, punters had the opportunity to meet these two lunatics aboard the truck. Here's Jonny and Ben! 

Plane selfie

Our plane seemed to make a great prop for selfies by the looks of things! 

View of the main stage

Here's the main stage. MAF branding heavily featured too.

Faith Child onstage

We managed to catch Faith Child's set on the main stage. He smashed it! It's great being partnered with him too!

The MAF Youth squad

And there you have it - a worn out MAF Youth team. We had such great time this year at BCDO! Thanks to all who came and visited us!