An all-encompassing ministry

An all-encompassing ministry

Pastor Dave Jaggerman from Wyoming and New Yorker Sean Gardner, flew into Gulu on the Uganda-South Sudan border to deliver chaplaincy training in Nimule with Far Reaching Ministries, whom MAF fly regularly.

Story by Jill Vine, Photo by Andrew Parker

Double blessing

Dave taught in Nimule nine years ago, and was returning to teach the book of Exodus for a second time. ‘It’s been an exodus and a journey to get here, but it’s a blessing because we get to pour into the chaplains and they pour right back into us which is a double blessing. We bring the Word to them, and then we bring it back to the States with us and share the stories of the people we’ve met. It’s truly an amazing experience.’

If it wasn’t for you we wouldn’t be able to go where we’re called to go

Sean Gardner

Sean added, ‘And we’re thankful for what [MAF] does too. If it wasn’t for you we wouldn’t be able to go where we’re called to go, so we’re thankful for MAF’s calling as well.’

Far Reaching Ministries first opened their ministry back in 1999, in close partnership with MAF since the beginning. The ministry has managed to stay within South Sudan throughout many conflicts.

The ministry works alongside the government to allow soldiers to attend the chaplaincy course, which proves invaluable and has a widespread positive influence on front line soldiers' morale.

A lasting partnership

Alongside this powerful chaplaincy training, FRM have also actively assisted injured people in the Nuba Mountains, back when the crisis between North and South Sudan was ongoing.

MAF was able to help FRM fly in 16 tonnes of medical supplies, bringing relief to the suffering people there. The Nubian Commanding General came to their base in Nimule to thank FRM, ‘What our own government has failed to do, you have accomplished. You have touched over 279,000 lives – many who would be dead had you not cared for them.’

Every time our planes are able to fly these chaplains where they need to go safely, we are participating in a broad, all-encompassing ministry together.

Pastors Sean and Dave visiting FRM