Amos's appendicitis medevac

Amos's appendicitis medevac

When Northern Irish missionary Amos developed appendicitis in a remote community in northern Kenya, MAF was there to fly him to hospital.

Young Northern-Irish volunteer Amos grew up in Kenya with missionary parents. Recently he returned to spend a year in Dukana, a village close to the Ethiopian border, working with Africa Inland Mission (AIM) missionary, Eddie Andersen.

Amos had been experiencing pain in his stomach, and the following two days he was treated with paracetamols and pain killers, but since it didn’t help they called the AIM hospital at Kijabe and described the symptoms. ‘Put him on a plane right away!’ they said.

Pilot Melvin Peters was having lunch when Eddie called him. ‘Call MAF Operations in Nairobi, and I will get the plane ready to leave,’ Melvin replied and rushed to the hanger a kilometer’s drive from his home.

In less than half an hour, Melvin was in the air and 55 minutes later he landed at Dukana airstrip. Amos climbed on board and off they went to Kijabe. Amos was in pain, clutching his stomach and actually vomiting on the flight.

Two hours and twenty minutes later they landed in Kijabe and an ambulance was ready to drive Amos to the hospital where his appendix was removed shortly after.

Two weeks later, Amos from flown back from Marsabit to Dukana to continue his work. 

MAF performs hundreds of medevac's every year thanks to the prayerful support of thousands of supporters.

Thank you for allowing us to continue reaching people in medical need.