Against all odds

Against all odds

Pilot Josh Plett describes how a potential tragedy was averted by MAF in Madagascar

The call comes through for an urgent medevac to Beroroha, Madagascar. A pregnant lady is bleeding badly – her life in the balance. The news is not good. The unborn child, we are told, has tragically died and now Dorothee, the mother, is herself in trouble.

As dawn breaks, we make the crucial 200-mile journey from the capital Antananarivo to Beroroha. On board are GP Dr Fernand and surgeon Dr Faustin, two local professionals who know MAF well and thankfully are available to help in this emergency.

Although it would have taken at least two days over tough mountainous terrain, the flight is only 1.5 hours in our Cessna Caravan.

HoverAid, an MAF partner that serves Beroroha’s surrounding community of 17,000, is on the ground preparing for our landing, ensuring that everything is ready for us to airlift Dorothee to Antananarivo Hospital.

As soon as the plane touches down, Dr Fernand checks the woman’s condition and, after a quick ultrasound, he delightedly discovers that the baby is still alive!

Although Dorothee is now severely dehydrated, she walks onto the aircraft completely unaided.

With Dorothee still bleeding badly, we set off for Antananarivo, unsure if she or the baby will make it. All we can do is put our trust in God, and pray that Dorothee and the precious little life that she carries will survive.

Miraculously, both are still alive when we finally land.

Our prayers are answered late the next day when news comes through that Dorothee has given birth to a beautiful daughter. She names the girl Faustine, after the surgeon who rescued her.

We give thanks that Dorothee and Faustine are well and that God was glorified through this medevac.

Our prayer is that Dorothee’s amazing story proves to be a wonderful witness in this spiritually hungry region.