A week in the life of: Ryan Van Geest

A week in the life of: Ryan Van Geest

Our pilots do A LOT of travelling as you can imagine, MAF pilot Ryan Van Geest lets us in on one of his weekly schedules…

My,not-so-average, week...


-Leave Ulaanbaatar with 9 missionaries from Antioch church aboard

-Travel 6 hours to the far east of Mongolia

-Drop 3 Missionaries off in Uliestii, Zavkhan

-Drop 3 Missionaries off in Ulaangom, Uvs

-Drop final 3 Missionaries off in Bulgan Sum, Khovd



-Go to 2 Hour service with co-worker, Baatarsukh, at the church in Bulgan Sum

-Hire truck

-Search for a semi-nomadic Karakh family

-Find them, have food and tea during a wedding celebration of a young Kazakh couple

-Pray for a boy with learning difficulties, phone for a physiotherapist

Mongolia landscape 


-Missionaries to continue travelling on land, nearby Pastor to pick up

-2 hour delay as Pastor’s truck gets stuck in a river

-Pray for and encourage Missionaries before send off

-Ryan and Baatarsukh to stay in Bulgan Sum until Missionaries return

-FREE TIME: climb a mountain

-Meet church leaders for supper and fellowship



-Stranded near hotel due to snow storm

-Teach Baatarsukh some English

-Talk about Jesus

-Brave the storm, find an open restaurant

 Local child


-Meet with the Pastor Oyunga

-Have lunch with two church ladies at the restaurant

-Take details to the Doctors of restaurant owner’s 4 ½ year old disabled son for assessment

-Find Pastor Oyunga

-Search for Kazakh family

-Get lost

-Find the family amidst on-going wedding celebrations and inquire about the small boy’s condition spoken about on Sunday

-Pray for the family as they await a call from the doctors

-Visit 8 year old girl from a poor Mongolian family, a previous patient



-Run up a mountain for 6 ½ hours



-Fly back to Ulaangom to hear about the Missionary work in Bulgan Sum and Uvs



-Despite the threat of more extreme weather, fly everyone back to Ulaanbaatar

This is just one example of one pilot’s weekly lifestyle. It certainly gives us a flavour of what it’s like to serve remote communities like those in Mongolia! Despite all the obstacles, MAF still continues to operate all over the world.

Ryan Van Geest