A passion and an obsession

A passion and an obsession

Meet Alasdair. He's completely obsessed with aircraft, and is so passionate about the work of MAF that it made him take up running!

When we challenged our supporters to take part in the Jantastic 2015 challenge, one aspiring MAF pilot jumped at the chance. We asked him why.

Why did you decide to get involved with the Jantastic challenge?

Alasdair: 'I have my aviation medical coming up at the end of March. Being on the larger side, I decided that I needed to lose some weight before then, to ensure I pass the medical. I sometimes find lots of excuses not to exercise, so thought the community and mildly competitive aspect of Jantastic would encourage me, and raising money gives me some inspiration to keep at it!'

Why do you support MAF?

Alasdair: 'I have known about MAF since being a child, and it has long been my desire to serve God with MAF. I am completely obsessed with aircraft, and believe that God gives us passions to use for His purposes. MAF's use of aviation and technology is a brilliant example of using that which God has provided for building His Kingdom, by enabling projects that can provide so much both physically and spiritually to the communities around each airstrip. This is why I support MAF, so that God's Word will become known through the use of aviation, and through the people to whom God gives the passion for flight.'

This is why I support MAF, so that God's Word will become known through the use of aviation, and through the people...

Together with MAF, what difference do you think you can make to the people MAF serve?

Alasdair: 'Whilst MAF can fly the aircraft that brings the physical help and the people, we in the UK can bring the prayers that support and uphold the pilots, engineers and managers in their work, as well as the community members that receive God's blessings through the aircraft.'

Anything else you would like to add?

Alasdair: 'Since starting my first run on Jan 5th, I have gone from doing nothing at all to last night running 25 minutes non-stop! Not particularly quickly, or with any style, but without stopping! I'd never have thought that possible last year.'

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Thanks Alasdair for your continued support of MAF and for taking up the Jantastic Challenge.

We love it when supporters get passionate about MAF, especially when it means they go that extra mile and do something out of their comfort zone. 

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