A letter from an old friend...

A letter from an old friend...

At MAF, we’re blessed by the constant bombardment of comments, encouragements, well-wishes and written prayers – it’s hard to keep track of them all!

Whilst we absolutely love our supporters, we’ll occasionally receive an email or a letter from one that’ll knock our socks off!  

Check out this amazing letter and story sent in by our dear friend Graham…

“This is a thank you to God and to you at MAF, because back in 1981 MAF saved our son’s life.  My wife, Anne, and I were living in what was then Zaire, where I worked for an African coffee company in Eastern Zaire called Capaco in the town of Beni.  We thought Stephen, who was then just about six months old, had a teething fever, but my boss’ wife insisted on having a look at him and realised he was suffering from malaria.  Immediately she drove him and my wife to the nearest mission hospital, 20 miles away at Oicha, (we are talking mud tracks here) and they managed to make radio contact with the mission station at Nyankunde, where the local MAF planes were based.  The MAF pilot - I think it was Don Tully - was inexplicably unoccupied, with a plane fuelled and ready to go.  He immediately flew down and fetched Anne, me and Stephen, who by this time was yellow, with his head flopping over.  At Nyankunde they found a donor of Stephen’s blood type and gave him a transfusion.  The nurse told us that one more fever and he would have been dead.

So thank you MAF, and thank you God.

With very best wishes


Isn’t that simply incredible?! We felt seriously blessed after reading that. God is so good and we’re simply amazed at how He sews particular seeds through the work of MAF so that we might reap the wonderful reward of encouragement!

 It’s an immense privilege to provide such life-saving services to those in the most remote corners of the world! Whether it’s for rural communities or for people simply working overseas, MAF endeavour to help all who are in need!

 Thanks Graham! You’ve brought us all so much joy!”