A bullet to the back

A bullet to the back

"They had to continue. Stopping would only increase the danger of the situation."

Medevacs are always a prime example of how MAF can almost instantly make an impact on someone’s life – perhaps by even saving someone’s life too!

This crucial work benefits so many people who are living in isolation – as for many, the nearest hospital can be an extraordinarily long walk or drive away! On this occasion, MAF were called to help a man who had been shot in South Sudan.

A confrontation

Congolese Parish priest and Comboni Missionariesworker, Father Placide Majambo, was being driven back to the parish, after spending time with a church in Rumbek, when three dangerous looking men emerged from the roadside menacingly holding guns.

They attempted to stop the car but the driver, knowing of the tribal conflicts in the area and recognising that one of his passengers was part of another tribe, understandably sped up so they could manoeuvre past untouched. The men opened fire.


Although the driver and other passengers escaped the scene unscathed, a bullet had smashed through the back window of the car and Father Placide was left with a gunshot wound in his back.

They had to continue. Stopping would only increase the danger of the situation.

Two hours later, Father Placide received some treatment at Mapuordit Mission Hospital. He was stable again but he still needed the bullet removing. That sort of attention could only be given in Nairobi, Kenya! This is where we were able to help.

Happy to help

MAF were called upon to help out and MAF Pilot, Andrew Parker, happily obliged. However, a complicated journey awaited as crossing the border into Kenya would require some permissions from the immigration authorities.

Andrew landed first in Juba, South Sudan’s capital, where he was able to obtain permission in to fly to Lokichoggio in northern Kenya. Immigration barely gave the matter a second thought and got him through quickly.

Once arrived in Lokichoggio, Father Placide was transferred to an MAF Kenya plane where he made it safely to Nairobi to see out his full recovery!

A good ending

Just a note to thank you very much for the arrangements yesterday for the evacuation of Father Placide. He arrived safely in Nairobi and must be relieved to be there. Thanks a lot to MAF.Pauline Carr of Comboni Missionaries  

It’s in moments like these that MAF explicitly shows its worth! We’re so glad to have been able to help out on this occasion and we’re thrilled to hear that Father Placide is recovering well!