700 patients

700 patients

MAF love helping people and there’s often no better encouragement than knowing that we are physically able to help people in desperate need get to a place of safety and healing far quicker than they could on their own!

We’ve been based in Timor-Leste since 2007 and it’s been amazing to see many people being served and helped through Medevacs!

‘Medevac’ is a made up word comprising of ‘medical’ and ‘evacuation’. This is MAF’s ambulance service for people who need medical attention but are too far away or too isolated to get help!

We recently received word that we’d medevac’d our 700th patient since the opening of the programme in Timor-Leste. We thought we’d tell you about it…

MAF pilot, Jonathan Lowe, was getting ready for church when a call came in. Maria, a 39 year old from Suai, was in the last stages of pregnancy but there were complications. She needed to get to the hospital sharp!

Jonathan was quick off the mark and changed back into his pilot’s uniform, left Angela and the kids and nipped off to the airport! Soon after, Jonathan was airborne and on his way!

27 minutes, Jonathan landed in Suai where a large crowd had gathered in anticipation. Maria was well known in the community and so everyone was eager to see how she’d get on. After 20 minutes, the ambulance arrived on the scene and Maria was transferred into the aircraft!

Maria was accompanied by her husband, mother and midwife and all made it to Dili hospital safe and sound!

It wasn’t until later, upon reflection, that Jonathan realised that this was the 700th patient MAF have flown to the safety of Dili hospital since the opening of the Timor-Leste program in 2007!