5 ways in which MAF use their planes

5 ways in which MAF use their planes

So you know about the planes bit, but did you know the variety of flights that we do and ways in which we help people? No?

Take a look...


1. Safari's

A ‘safari’ is an MAF flight carrying teams of doctors, nurses or surgeons that lasts over a number of days, stopping at a number of locations. Locals are made aware of when the teams arrive and clinics are set up to see any who need attention.


2. Medevacs

In a medical emergency our planes become ambulances speeding the patient to the most appropriate care for them.


3. Shuttle

A shuttle is when our planes are used like buses. They have certain stops that are on a planned route for the day and they pick up and drop off passengers as they go. This shuttle serves floating hospitals and clinics in Bangladesh.

Carrying cargo

4. Carrying cargo

We carry anything and everything needed to bring help, hope and healing in remote places. Here Pilot John Cadd is deliering 1000 Bibles in the Zandi language in West DRC

Relief work in Haiti

5. Disaster relief

This photo was taken in Haiti. We have worked in Haiti since 1987 and were perfectly positioned to help when the earthquake hit. MAF where one of the only aid organisations that could still operate due to the devastation and are often key in distributing food, water and medical aid.