We grew up, met and married in North Devon, and we both studied physiotherapy at university. While Anna went on to specialise in paediatric care, Derek had a change of direction and trained as a plumber, working with joints of a different kind! He worked for a friend’s plumbing and heating business for about seven years, carrying out a variety of plumbing and building projects. In 2010, he became self-employed and ran his own business for a further three years.

God's calling

A trip to the Democratic Republic of Congo when Derek was 19 became a life-changing event and together we prayed about what God might lead us to in the future.


Buying an old Victorian house as a renovation project and being blessed with three fun kids, Oli (born in 2000) Han (2005) and Jacob (2008) became our important focus for a number of years.

However in 2010, we began the process of applying to work for the mission organisation WEC International and started working at the UK Headquarters in Bulstrode in 2011.

Derek was initially a plumber and part of the maintenance crew, and Anna worked in accommodation and hospitality. We then became the centre managers for nearly three years but finished this role in 2014 to begin working for MAF.


We are looking forward to working with the MAF team in Arnhem Land, northern Australia, where Derek will be involved in carrying out essential building maintenance work on the many MAF-owned properties throughout the region.

Anna is currently working on maintaining her UK physio registration after four years of not practising. This is just one of many steps in order for her to be able to serve the local community as a physio if the opportunity arises when we get to Arnhem Land.

As we prepare as a family to go overseas, we need a team of people behind us willing to pray and financially support us. Could you be one of these people?

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