Simkins, Daniel and Libby

Simkins, Daniel and Libby

We've served with MAF in several countries and are today in Cairns where Daniel serves as Finance Manager. Will you give and pray for us?


We grew up in Christian families and attended the same church in Reading from an early age. We both came to have a personal relationship with the Lord as children and were baptised together as teenagers. Having starting going out in the sixth form, we went to St Andrews University together and got married during our penultimate year in 1997. 

Daniel worked as a chartered accountant in general practice for seven years, initially based in Fleet in Hampshire, and for four years in Watford, Hertfordshire. Libby studied geography at university and then went on to teach geography in a secondary school in Reading until Joshua was born. 

Our MAF journey

We began to sense a call to do something ‘more’ with our lives, particularly in Africa. After much prayer and ‘pushing doors’, we were accepted by MAF and moved to Tanzania in April 2006 where Daniel served as Finance Manager at the MAF office in Dodoma. In August 2010, we moved to Kenya where Daniel took up the same role as Finance Manager in MAF’s office in Nairobi. We moved again in December 2013, this time to Australia where Daniel is Finance Manager in the Cairns office.

We have four children: Joshua (who was born on the infamous 11 September 2001), Bethany (born on 1 November 2002) Caleb (born on 9 February 2005) and Ruben (born on 22 June 2012).

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Daniel and Libby rely on a team of partners who agree to pray for them and to provide the financial support which enables them to serve with MAF.

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