Sant, Dom and Sequoia

Sant, Dom and Sequoia

The Sant family arrived in Papua New Guinea in January 2022. Dom and Sequoia are living in Mount Hagen with their three children: Abigail, Emma, and Isaac. As Programme Safety Manager / Technical Skills Training Specialist, Dom is providing support through his experience working in safety and training.


Dominic & Sequoia met at a church youth group in 2002 in Derby and have been married since 2007. They have 3 children: Abigail, Emma, and Isaac. Dom previously worked for Rolls-Royce for 18 years and Sequoia was a primary school teaching assistant.

Dom was brought up in a Christian home, but aged 12/13 decided that church was ‘not for him’ and as soon as he was able, stopped attending. A chance meeting between his mum and the wife of a local pastor started Dom going to another local youth group, from here God continued the process of bringing him to faith. A couple of years later Dom became a Christian at a sports camp in Wales.

Sequoia became a Christian in 2002 through the church youth group. She has always been interested to hear peoples’ stories of mission in other countries, but it has always felt like a massive leap.

In 2016, they both felt the call to do something else and when a move to Leeds was announced by their minister at the time, it seemed that God was calling. In 2017 the whole family moved to Leeds to be part of the core team planting Christ Church Central Leeds.


Growing up with an aircraft enthusiast for a dad, Dom has always been interested in aviation. In 2002 he got an apprenticeship with Rolls-Royce working as an engine fitter. Through his teenage years Dom looked at joining MAF, but the timing wasn’t right. In 2019, God called the family to rethink joining MAF.

In early 2022, Dom and Sequoia moved to Mount Hagen, Papua New Guinea. As Programme Safety Manager / Technical Skills Training Specialist, Dom is providing support through his experience working in safety and training. Dom is showing the love of Christ by ensuring that people are kept safe, through supporting the positive safety culture and ensuring that the maintenance trainees are trained to a high standard. Sequoia is home schooling their 3 children.

Papua New Guinea is about twice the size of the UK, though has a fraction of the roads. Isolated communities rely on MAF to fly in medical staff, teachers, missionaries, and Bible translators, as well as materials to build and equip schools, hospitals, and churches. By joining MAF, Dom and Sequoia, Abi, Emma and Isaac hope to continue showing Christ’s love to these isolated communities.

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