Andrew grew up in Durban, South Africa, and completed his commerce degree at the University of Durban in 1995. After university, he moved to London where he became involved in St Michael’s Church, Chester Square.

Liz grew up in Bootle, Liverpool, where her father was a vicar. She studied French at Nottingham University, followed by teacher training at Lancaster University. Her first teaching post was in central London, where she also became involved in St Michael’s Church.

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We have both travelled extensively before and since our marriage, which took place at St Michael’s in 2003, and began to feel God calling us to some kind of practical Christian work. During 2004, we prayed specifically for God’s direction and guidance as to what roles we should be doing.

Their MAF journey

Andrew found out about MAF at this time and was excited by the idea of serving God as a pilot. After much prayer and encouragement from other Christians, we took a step of faith and moved to South Africa where Andrew trained as a commercial pilot. After qualifying, Andrew worked for two years as a pilot instructor in South Africa. We were continually encouraged during this time by the way God provided for us, and we also felt inspired by the hope and practical help that MAF brings to so many people in isolated places.

Since we first moved to South Africa in 2004, our family grew to five. We now have three children, Esther (2006), Benjamin (2007) and Joel (2011).

After serving with MAF in Tanzania for four years, and after that in South Sudan, we are now part of MAF's team in Uganda. Andrew is serving as a pilot and Liz is now a qualified TEFL teacher.

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Andrew and Liz rely on a team of partners who agree to pray for them and to provide the financial support which enables them to serve with MAF.

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