Painter, Matt and Linsey

Painter, Matt and Linsey

Once an MAF pilot, Matt now supports our mission worldwide through training, advice and developing standards. Will you support Matt & Linsey?

We met in Melbourne whilst studying the Bible, missions, aviation and development. After a year with MAF Arnhem Land, we spent six years in Rumginae, Papua New Guinea serving countless bush people who rely on MAF for their health and education needs.

Matt worked as a pilot, and also in training, safety, airstrip development and spreading God's word through technology. Sharing life in a very special community, we cherished relationships with missionary doctors and local believers.

After taking some time out to refresh and rebuild, we - and our children Ned (4) and Jack (2) - are rejoining the MAF International team in a support role.

Based from the Cairns Support Office, Matt will be supporting MAF's work around the globe through developing standards, providing training, advice and support to flight and ground operations staff. Essentially, Matt's work will take a load off 'front line' workers, multiplying their effectiveness and release them to serve yet more of the needy people in their respective MAF programmes in Africa, Asia and the Pacific.

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Matt and Linsey rely on a team of partners who agree to pray for them and to provide the financial support which enables them to serve with MAF.

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