Neale, Israel and Charlene

Neale, Israel and Charlene

We've work in Arnhem Land serving Australia's indigenous people. Will you support us?


As long as I could remember I've loved flying and always dreamed of one day becoming a pilot. I grew up on the island of Trinidad (West Indies) in a town near the airport. I have many fond memories of riding my bike along the airport fence watching take offs and landings. In 2003 I left the Caribbean to pursue that dream and began working onboard cruise ships. It was a great way for me to save the money I needed to begin training.

Charlene grew up in the West Midlands and also had strong ties to the Caribbean as her dad came to the UK from Jamaica in the 60's. As a child she always dreamed of travelling the world. That opportunity eventually came when Charlene also began working at sea in 2005. We met onboard the 'Galaxy' and within two years were married. The family grew shortly after with the addition of our son Miles.

Journey with MAF

In 2013, following a move to the UK (and back on dry land), I was finally able to complete my commercial licence. However nearing the end of my training I felt a call to serve overseas. Charlene and I had already seen God's hand move miraculously in our lives, and after much prayer, we applied to join the work of MAF. To build my aviation experience I became a dispatcher at Birmingham airport as well as a flight instructor. Charlene also gained valuable experience supporting the long-term unemployed back into work and gaining qualified teacher status in further education.

We feel privileged to serve the Aboriginal community in Arnhem Land and to share our passion to 'be the light'.

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