Mumford, Andrew and Hannah

Mumford, Andrew and Hannah

We are serving with MAF in Chad, where Andrew is a Pilot. Would you consider partnering with us?

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Andrew grew up in a Christian family in Chichester, West Sussex, with an evangelical Anglican Church background. His faith gradually developed, and he accepted Christ in his early teens as a member of his church youth group. Andrew has long had an interest in third world issues, travel, overseas Christian mission work and aviation. Before university, Andrew had the opportunity to witness first-hand the vital work of MAF in Tanzania and has since never ruled out the possibility of serving overseas in a Christian capacity.

Hannah grew up in Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, also from a Christian family background and accepted faith in Christ in her early teens while a member of a vibrant youth group at a small village Methodist church.

We met while studying at Plymouth University, where Andrew gained a degree in transport and Hannah a degree in podiatry.

Subsequently, Andrew continued his studies gaining an MSc in air transport management at Cranfield University, Bedfordshire. During this year, Andrew learnt to fly, gaining his Private Pilots Licence. He then worked in aviation consultancy in Lancashire while Hannah worked as a podiatrist in London and Oxfordshire.

In 2002, Andrew resigned from his job and began training for his commercial pilots licence. We married in 2005, living and working for a year in Chichester before Andrew was offered a job as a pilot in the Scottish Air Ambulance in Aberdeen. Hannah worked as a podiatrist. We have three children, Zack, Esther and Jacob.

While in Aberdeen, we felt increasingly that God was calling us as a family to serve with MAF using Andrew’s skills, interest and motivation. We are very thankful to be given the opportunity of doing so through the ministry of MAF in Chad.

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