Machell, Steve and Katie

Machell, Steve and Katie

Steve was Programme Manager and Pilot in Kenya where Katie was Information Officer. They are currently in the UK for one year. Steve is working as Special Projects Manager for MAF International. In 2019 they will move to Chad. Will you support them?


Steve grew up in West London and attended Methodist and Anglican churches as a child. At 17, he made a personal commitment to the Lord at an Easter Bible camp. That same year, he gained a pilots licence thanks to an RAF flying scholarship.

After university, Steve took a gap year with Africa Inland Mission in their aviation department (AIM AIR) in Kenya. This was a life-changing year and Steve has been sold on mission and mission aviation ever since.

Nevertheless, on returning to the UK, the path to mission service and flying didn’t materialise and he trained as a patent attorney, working in the telecoms industry as a lawyer for seven years. 

Katie grew up in North London and attended the Pathfinder group at the local Anglican Church. Thanks to the faithful witness and clear teaching of the leader, she accepted Christ in her early teens.

After A-levels, Katie took a gap year as a volunteer teacher with AIM in Kenya. This was a real turning point and God clearly called her to full-time mission work. 

Katie returned to the UK and took a theology degree, followed by midwifery training. We met at a young people’s conference and married the following year.

In 1999, they headed to All Nations Christian College, then returned to Africa with AIM, first in a creative access nation and then with AIM AIR in Nairobi, where Steve served as Finance Manager. 

At the end of 2007, the Lord spoke to Steve about furthering his flying skills so he could serve as a mission pilot. The family moved to Kenya with their three sons, Jack, Toby and Ethan in 2012. Steve served as Programme Manager/Pilot and Katie as Information Officer until July 2018.

For the next year they are based in the UK where Steve is Special Projects Manager, overseeing a number of projects on behalf of MAF-International. They plan to return to Africa to work in the Chad programme in mid-2019.

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